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problem installing USB driver

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I am using CY8CKIT-050 PSOC 5LP DEV KIT.

I took the example project SAR_SPIM_USB, followed the orders in the PDF, and when I connect the communication USB port to my PC and try to install the USB driver, I get this Error:

windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.


The third-party INF does not contain digital signature inforamtion.


I am using Windows 8 and used the INF file from the project directory as written in the instructions.


can someone help me with that?

thanks in advance,


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Please disable driver singing enforcement in windows.

For Win7, you can do it by pressing F2 when windows starts and select "disable driver signing enforcement". After that browse through and select inf file as you are doing. 

For Win8, I have not tried it. But I found below link, it may help.




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