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Need Exemple for CY7C68001

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I have troble to set up a data transvere with a CY7C68001-56LFXC.

Pleas can anyone send me e example. 

 favour VHDL but i tack all. 

My e-mal is

or post it in this rom. 

Thenk you 

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You can use the example project attached to AN61345 for your reference.

FPGA code can be downloaded from the below webpage:

It has both VHDL and Verilog projects.



Sai Krishna.

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Eventhough it has been written for FX2LP it can be made use of for SX2.


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Problem - The SuperSpeed USB connection from FX3 fails abruptly during data transfer and the device re-enumerate.

When I transfer data

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Please post your query under FX3, so that appropriate people can look and answer.

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