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My PC can't detect the cy7c67300,help! | Cypress Semiconductor

My PC can't detect the cy7c67300,help!

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Last time,I have erased the EEPROM successfully and the cy7c67300 could boot up from EEPROM normally.However,the PC couldn't detect the cy7c67300 after my partner modified some codes in the FPGA.The codes that my partner modified are used to enable the uart function,because I want to interface with a terminal emulator program running on a PC connected to the EZ—Host via a serial connection.I think the codes which were modifed in the FPGA could not have an influence on the cy7c67300,but the fact is that cy7c67300 can't be detected by PC!However,the PC still could not detect the usb device after my partner recovered the codes in the FPGA.Could you help me sovle my problem?



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