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MIDI USB Controller Anno 2014

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I saw few topics on the forum about MIDI controller but I would like to ask the question again because I saw you have some new products out and maybe have new advice for me.

I need a micro controller for USB MIDI controller. It's quite a simple project. I need about 10 digital pins and 4 analog pins max. I am using 4051 to multiplex analog inputs and 4021/595 for more digital inputs. A clock speed of 48Mhz should be enough. It needs to behave as a class compliant MIDI device in any computer. I am using at the moment a developpement board with a M4 but it's really overkill (96MHz) and expensive.

I saw your new PSoC CY8CKIT-049 kits. Would that be something for me ?

It looks really good, quite small and very affordable. I am producing custom equipement in small serie, so avoiding SMD soldering is attractive and have a ready-to-go circuit is easier.

And a last question, is there any other way to acces USB's D+ and D- than the USB connector ? 


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 The CY8CKIT-049 unfortunately does not have a USB interface. If you look at the board, there is another chip which picks up the USB data and program the PSoC4 device. 


My suggestion is to consider PSoC3 family of device which has USB and good analog/digital peripherals for your application.

The development board to get started is:


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