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Interfacing Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA with CYUSB003 kit | Cypress Semiconductor

Interfacing Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA with CYUSB003 kit

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I am designing  a custom board using Xilinx Virtex-5  FPGA and CYUSB003 kit as a piggyback module. I want both the Virtex-5 board and the superspeed kit to be powered up simultaneously. What are my options?What if  Virtex-5 board gets powered up first  and superspeed kit gets power after a while or vice-versa. Will it cause damage to the board?






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It will not cause damage, but it may cause undesirable behavior. If you use the PMODE pins also as an interface between the FX3 and the FPGA, then there might be some problem. If the FGPA is powered first, it may pull the PMODE pins, and the FX3 may not be correctly configured for boot. Please note that when FX3 is powered up, it is essential to ensure proper voltages on the PMODE pins, else the FX3 may not enumerate

Thanks for the reply. In my design, the PMODE pins of CYUSB003 kit are directly connected to  Virtex-5 FPGA.So the kit has to be powered up first and then the FPGA board. Is this correct?

Secondly, the CYUSB003 kit  will derive  the required power  for all its functionality using the USB bus.It does not need any other power from other interfacing board. So can I keep V3P3(Pins 1 and 41), V1P2 (Pins 2 and 42),VIO(Pin 4) ,USB3_VBUS(Pins 43 and 44) as NC(not connected) to  interfacing board  ?Kindly confirm this.

Also, suppose I give  +5  external supply to USB3_VBUS(Pins 43 and 44)   and also connect the USB cable to PC? Will this lead to any problem?Will it impact device U11( USB Positive Overvoltage Controller) in the design of CYUSB003 kit ?



Kindly provide answers to my queries above.

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