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Interface FPGA to FX3?

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Hello! all! I have a question about interface FPGA to FX3.

FPGA generates the image patterns(8bit Grayscale). so, Trying to transfer the image to the slave fifo without GPIF II.

The firmware will use cyfxbulklpauto of Examples.

If the above steps, can I see image without GPIF II?

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Are you trying to make teh device enumerate as UVC, with image stored in FX3 RAM? If so, we already have an exmaple for that: cyfxuvcinmem/ cyfxuvcinmem_bulk, under UVC examples in FX3 SDK. Please refer and see if that is what you are looking for.




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You can interface your FPGA to the Slave FIFO interface of FX3.

In FX3, Slave FIFO interface is implemented with the help of a GPIF II state machine itself. So, Slave FIFO interface of FX3 and GPIF II are not different.


Sai Krishna.

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