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I ask you about SPORT DDR Mode. | Cypress Semiconductor

I ask you about SPORT DDR Mode.

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First of all, I'm using MMC CARD and I'm trying to change operation mode from sdr to ddr on SPORT0 in fx3s chip.

I set DDR 8bit Mode at SPORT0 and I send Write Command(CMD25) and Write Data, But Device be reported Write CRC Fail. I check signal Line as Command Line , Data Line and Clock Line. I can know Host Problem.

When DDR mode, Host should drive Signal as below.(refer to eMMC 4.41)

CLOCK ___|------|___|------|___|------|

DATA0     X START D0  X D1 X


but your host drive signal as below

CLOCK ___|------|___|------|___|------|

DATA0  --   FF  X START X D0 X D1 X


Accoding to spec, Clock should be high during start region. but your device is not.

I checked your spec(fx3 trm), but I can't find out SFR option about OUT PUT Delay.

Can I get Some information?



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Please create a tech support case from our website (Login -> MyCases).

This issue needs to be looked at and analyzed closely.

We have interfaced eMMC cards with DDR mode before with read/write operations successfully performed. However, we have not analyzed the clk/data signals closely.

Please create a case and we will follow through.

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