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Howto debug GPIF II state machine? | Cypress Semiconductor

Howto debug GPIF II state machine?

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What is the Best Way to Debug GPIF Applications?

The recommended way to debug any GPIF application is to use a logic analyzer to examine the external peripheral interface. Also, turn on the GSTATE bit in the IFCONFIG register to allow you to use PE[2:0] as a way of monitoring the state of the GPIF engine. This in conjuction with monitoring the GPIFDONE bit in the GPIFIDLECS register will tell you what state the GPIF is locking up in, etc. It's also a good idea to use vendor commands that return the value of GPIFTC[B3:B0], GPIFIDLECS, etc. This is a less intrusive way of monitoring register values than the Keil debugger.

 I am using the AN75779 example with a CPLD instead of the image sensor and dont get data out of the FX3. I veryfied it with USB Bus hound. And checked the signals cooming out of the CPLD.

How can I check the states? Is it possible to output a signal with a state number?

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You can use the CyU3PGetSMState APi to get the state number. Also, if you are not getting data out of te USB, please check if you are getting the Prod Events in the DMA Callback (to check if yu are getting something out of the state machine)

Pleasse probe your FV, LV lines and see if they are OK.


-Madhu Sudhan

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