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How to make software-controlled pull-ups/downs | Cypress Semiconductor

How to make software-controlled pull-ups/downs

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I am using AN65974 application note for implementing a monochrome 16Bit sensor ( 16Bits pixel intensity data ) into UVC.

In order to create the image i use 32 bits data bus created from the GPIF II Designer.

I have some questions about the firmware from this application:

1. Can the 32 bits configuration of the GPIF II work with the current application settings?

2. What function can i call to create a weak Pull-up/down to the unconnected pins?

3. How can i improve the performance degradation when the firmware runs in debugging mode?


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1) Yes. You can use the application in 32 Bit mode.

2) Please refer CyU3PGpioSetIoMode API in API Guide.

3) The performance degradation is not at all significant and can be ignored. It is unnoticeable.


-Madhu Sudhan

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