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How to implement AN75779 example using Aptina MTV024 monochrome format camera? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to implement AN75779 example using Aptina MTV024 monochrome format camera?

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Hello everyone,

I'm pretty new here in the FX3 community and my knowledge with the UVC specification is only at the novice level.

So please bear with me :)

I'm currently doing a project basically similar to that of AN75779 example.

(See attached or this link: )

The AN75779 example supports the Aptina MT9M114 camera, configured to output video in YUY2 (YUV422) format.

However, the camera I'm using is the Aptina MT9V024, which is configured to output only monochrome format video.

Do you guys know of any way on how I can modify the example code in AN75779 such that I can stream and display video from the MTV024 camera?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Best regards,


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You can use the same example project to deal with monochrome. Your firmware still need to enumerate as YUY2 because the monochrome image is not part of the UVC specification.

You just need to configure the image sensor to send you the monochrome data (8-bits). Use the 16-bit GPIF interface itself. Connect the lower 8-bit of the data bus to image sensor.

The other 8 bits of the GPIF II interface should be sending 0x80. You can hardcode these signals to send this data all the time.


Sai Krishna.

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 Hi Jeremy,

Have you been able to get this working? I am working on the exact same problem and hoping we can help eachother out.

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