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Help me !!!, USBUART_DataIsReady() not ready | Cypress Semiconductor

Help me !!!, USBUART_DataIsReady() not ready

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i'm using CY8CKIT-050 Psoc-5LP Development kit

i use USBUART CDC connect to pc.
if i connect usb after window boot finnish. it work well
if i connect usb cable before turn on Pc
and then i boot pc it doesn`t work.
USBUART_DataIsReady() != 0 is false.
if i remove and plug cable (or reset) it work again.
but i don't want to do this way.
what should i do.
thank you.
ps. sorry for My Bad English

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When you connect the device to PC before you start it and then you start the PC , the BIOS will try to enumerate the device . In that case  the while(!USBUART_1_GetConfiguration()); will pass and device will enter into the While(1)  and do the application.

When the PC exits the BIOS and enters into the Normal mode , the PC will not know that this device has been connected and it will try to enumerate this device again . However in our code we handle the enumeration only outside the While(1) loop . We dont handle the enumeration inside it . 

You need to modify the application code to handle the enumeration inside . You can use the USBFS_CheckActivity() API to see if you are have any USB Activity . If the activity does not happen for more than 1 second , then do the enumeration code (while(!USBUART_1_GetConfiguration());) again and see if it works .

If you are still facing an issue please create a Technical support case . Our engineers will assist you.


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