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FX3/UVC/QVGA/90fps test problem.. | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3/UVC/QVGA/90fps test problem..

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Hi all,

I am testing FX3/UVC/QVGA/90fps.

Here's my problem.


@Image sensor: FV(VSYNC) fps: 109Hz ---> okay


@Viewer program: streaming data fps: 54~55Hz ---> not okay


I don't know why it is.

I am using GPIF pins as 8-bit.

If I use GPIF pins as 16-bit, could I get streaming data of 109fps(or >=90fps) at viewer program?

(Now I use USB 2.0 port.)

Regards, thank you.

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 As you are operating it in 2.0 , there are bandwidth limitations. Try reducing the sensor bandwidth accordingly and you will get the output. 

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