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FX3 writing on SSD

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 Hi! I need to transfer huge amount of data with high throughput toward a SSD. 

Between the SSD and the FX3 i'm putting this IC: TUSB9261 wich is a bridge. 

Is there any application note or firmwares that are suitable for my project?

Thank you!! :)

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"FX3 programmer manual" says:

■ USB host/device

❐ When the FX3 is connected to a USB host, it functions as a USB device. The FX3 enumerates 

as a super-speed, high-speed, or full-speed USB peripheral corresponding to the host type.

❐ When a USB device is connected, the FX3 plays the role of the corresponding high-speed, 

full-speed or low-speed USB host.


since FX3 will play as master (host) when connected to the SSD, will it transfer data at just high-speed?


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Yes, your understanding is correct. FX3 can act as a host only at HS/FS, and not at SS.




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