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FX3 Stream uncompressed Bayer image (AR0134) | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 Stream uncompressed Bayer image (AR0134)

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I am designing a camera with AR0134 only output Bayer data. (1280x720x60fps) With datasheet I saw the ARM on chip can process audio signal. I want to know if ARM can process video data by converting Bayer data to YUY2 for UVC protocol.

If on chip ARM is not powerful enough to process video data, what else I can do?

Do I need a ISP(FPGA) between CMOS and FX3

or I can stream raw data directly to computer and use opencv or other programs to convert Bayer data to RGB data?

The website above shows they successfully use AR0134 under Linux thorough UVC, I want to know how is that's possible.  

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Processing of Image sensor data is not possible in FX3. The best way for you if you want UVC data is to use an FPGA between the Image sensor and the FX3 for processing the data.

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