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FX3 SDK 1.2.1 install silently fails after 1.0.1 & betas | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 SDK 1.2.1 install silently fails after 1.0.1 & betas

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When I install 1.2.1, it says it succeeds, but Eclipse & GCC tools not there.

I had various beta's installed before where I had to install the pieces separately.  I had 1.0.1 installed, but removed it.

If I try to install just the Eclipse_B81, it says a different version is already installed.  However, Programs doesn't list any other Eclipse, and I don't think there are any installed (unless it is getting confused by Altera Nios systems).

How can I get back to clean system and have my tools work?

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This time you might have installed a FX3 SDK1.2.1 which includes all other tools installations (Eclipse, ARM GCC compiler and USB Suite). May be that is the reason why you can not see the Eclipse listed in your programs but it is warning you saying that other version is available.

Try the following thing:

Uninstall FX3 SDK that you have in your PC and this time you install all installations seperatley so that you can update them easily just by uninstalling that specific installation.


please follow the approach mentioned in the thread below:


sai krishna.

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