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FX3 Image Sensor Project - Aptina SOC1040 | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 Image Sensor Project - Aptina SOC1040

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A number of questions:-

AN75432 references the Aptina SOC1040 but I can find no reference to this camera device, I presume SOC is "System On Chip" so is there another part that can be used or does anyone have a data sheet?

Also is the Aptina Demo3 Adapter Board available to purchase from any one? (would save a lot of time)

It is my understanding that the specifications for UVC only allow for YUV data format  with Bayer, RGB and grayscale fromats  unsupported, so this  limits the sensors that can be used, can anyone expand on this, for example is this true?

Our particular interest is to use a monochromatic sensor, something like the Aptina MT9P031I12STM (5MP) however this sensor is not YUV so we assume this will require the data to be manipulated  by an FPGA  (hard for color but maybe OK for B/W) or could the FX3 run this converstion?

Any comments much appreciated.

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Please create a tech support case (MyAccount -> MyCases)  so that one of our engineers can help you out in this.




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 I'm having the same issue should I also make a case or can I somehow acces the case you made?

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Yes. You need to create a new case.

I don't think there is facility to share the other case. So, please create one.


sai krishna.

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        I've been learning on the UVC, don't know now the UVC specification can support grayscale?

      Whether the FX3 can directly transfer grayscale?



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Consider contacting directly the engineer referred to in ap note -


Regards, Dana.

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