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Hello all

how can possible control GPIF from inside of cpu(not signal) for example if we have 3 state :


1- read data gpif

2- write date to gpif


and switch between this state decided by cpu but in GPIF designer we just have one fw_trg ?


second is possible set data counter in GPIF dynamically and when state machine updated?


Third how control dma for gpif, for example if sometime cpu should connects to gpif and sometime gpif connects to usb, we should make 2 dma with one consumer or... (assumed CPU sockets is used foe communication between CPU and USB !)?

I have 2 dma between cpu and usb(send and receive), and want have a connection between cpu and gpif (note: question fist for how control state machine from cpu to switch from idle to read or write from gpif) , also in some situation want dma from gpif to usb(probably auto DMA for speed) to transfer some number of data(that cpu know how much). how can handle it?


Thank you in advance



I deigned the usb 3.0 board...I want to program the fx3 device,but in GPIF II section i have 1 doubt...In the section, the communication of DATABUS is constant,but i want to change the GPIO Pins....

Ex: In slavefifosync 2 bit design, the databus is connected to DQ(15:0) in Gpio(15:0)...But i want to change the databus connections to another GPIO pins...Can i change that?? how to i change the Gpio pins...i connected my Gpio pins to Gpio(45:33)  and Gpio(23,26,27)....Can You help me...How to i change this...Please reply soon...

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