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FX3 with 32-b Slave FIFO & Bulkin endpoint stuck | Cypress Semiconductor

FX3 with 32-b Slave FIFO & Bulkin endpoint stuck

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I'm using a CYUSB3012 with the 32-b standard slave fifo(based on AN65974) connected on a FPGA. The FX3 firmware doesn't use any interrupt for the DMA transfer (direct transfer)

Host is based on WIN7 &

I can do any bulkout & bulkin transfer without any error : I'm using a bulkout xfer for a FPGA request (config, status ...), the FPGA process the request and then send back by writing its answer into the FX3  with a short paket using the pkend flag, finally the host use a bulkin Xfer and verify the FPGA answer. Everything's working fine for many many request/answer of this type. I've also checked all FIFO signals (rdn, wrn, flag a,b,c,d, pkendn) with a logic analyzer.

Now in a special mode the FPGA does not answer to the request i.e. it is just a host request. I mean it is a normal behavior of my firmware. In this mode I'm still using the XferData on the bulkin endpoint and as expected, the function exit with a timeout error since the FPGA didn't write any data to the FX3 : EPIN.LastError=997, NtStatus=995, UsbdStatus= 0xC0010000. Seems normal.

And here is my problem : When I come back to a standard host request/ FPGA answer, then I'm stucked. I've checked the FIFO signals : all of them are correct (FPGA read the request from the host, process it, and write back to the FX3 GPIF with a short packet end assertion). Everytime I use the request/answer mode, the XferData function always exit with the following error : EPIN.LastError=997, NtStatus=23, UsbdStatus= 0xC0000011.

I've tried the Abort function but it does nothing. How can get out from this error code ?



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When you try the Data Transfer using the control center, instead of your own App, do you face the same issue?



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It is the same with the control center : 997 error. Do I have to handle something fro clearing this error into the FX3 firmware or does it come from the USB win7 driver ?

The bulkout EP works perfectly even if the bulkin EP is stuck.

The actual workaround is to call the Device.ReConnect() function but I'd like to do it properly since I lost the data that has been pushed into the GPIF by the FPGA.

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