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FX2 EP4 problem

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Hi! I'm working on a Spartan 6 board connected throught a 40-pin connector with a Cypres FX2. I have configured my endpoints in this way:

 EP2CFG = 0xA2;
 EP4CFG = 0xE2;
 EP6CFG = 0xE0;
 EP8CFG = 0x00;

I want to use EP2 to send command to FPGA and EP4 to receive a reply. The EP6 is used for other purposes related to a high-density video steaming channel.

The problem is that I can't receive packets from EP4 (libusb timeout), and the empty flag is always active. But using the same FPGA logic If I address the response on EP6 everything works fine. I have the same configuration on EP4 and EP6 (except for the buffer dimension: EP6 quad buffered, EP4 double buffered).

I have enclosed my FX2 slave.c.

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Please arm EP2 and see if that fixes the issues.



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