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FinishDataXfer() returns false when removing a USB thumbdrive in Windows 7 | Cypress Semiconductor

FinishDataXfer() returns false when removing a USB thumbdrive in Windows 7

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Is anybody else experiencing this problem?  It only happens in Windows 7.  I tried it in Windows XP and could not reproduce there.  Basically I have a C++ app that recieves streaming data from our firmware.  In a separate thread I have a loop that calls BeginDataXfer() and when the event is signaled it calls FinishDataXfer().  Everything is working fine until a user inserts a thumbdrive to do other stuff and when he pulled it out I get this error from FinishDataXfer().  This happens 50% of the time, so I think it's a timing issue but I don't know how to work around it.

Here's my environment:

MS Visual Studio 2010

32-bit Windows 7 Professional,

Cypress driver 3.04.0002.00,

The chip we are using is the Cypress Chip CY7C68001-56PVC.

The application is as a high speed USB interface to the DSP processor.

Here's a code snippet within the thread:

case WAIT_OBJECT_0+2:  //overlapped read operation done

   if(pInContext!=NULL && BulkInEpt!=NULL)
         if(BulkInEpt->FinishDataXfer(szReceiveBuffer, nLength, &t_osRead,pInContext))
                pThis->ApppendToReplyProcessQueue(szReceiveBuffer, nLength);
                //Start an async. read again
                  // be nice and make sure giving time to ReplyProcessThread
                  DWORD dwLastError=::GetLastError();
                  MessageBox.Show(  "Reply-receive failed, reconnecting...error code"+dwLastError);
Any insight would be appreciated.
BTW, the GetLastError always returns  ERROR_IO_PENDING even before the user removes a thumbdrive.

Thank you.  

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Windows 7 seems to faster USB capability and stringent time constraints compared to the other flavors of Windows. Quite possibly you are cutting your timeout value too close. Have you tried increasing it to see what happens?



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