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ECLIPSE imported projects are disappering at restart, scary !!! | Cypress Semiconductor

ECLIPSE imported projects are disappering at restart, scary !!!

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Hello all, for some while I have this happening to me: I import some exiting projects, all OK , work on them and close the Eclipse IDE normally.

Next day, something like once every 3-4 days, the projects disappers completly and the opened files in editor are not restored but instead I can see a SCARY message teling me something like: "the file doesn't exist anymore on the filesystem..."

I almost fell of the chair when the first time this happened, but after reimporting the projects everything is OK again until the next occurence.

I was wondering if some more experienced Eclipse users can shed some light on this issue, how can it be avoided in the future ?


 Many thanks,


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When you get that error, did you check in your workspace whether those project files are actually available or not?

May be they got deleted somehow.

-Madhu Sudhan

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Hi MC,


Can you please check on which location you are saving the workspace ?

please check that workspace is still available onthat path.

If you are using any 32bit OS please open the Eclipse as administrator.





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