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Default behavior for setup callback when returning CyFalse in FX3 API | Cypress Semiconductor

Default behavior for setup callback when returning CyFalse in FX3 API

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 Is there a description for what the FX3 API does when the setup callback returns CyFalse for standard requests?  I am specifically interested in the SET_FEATURE, CLEAR_FEATURE, and GET_STATUS responses.

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Please refer USBBulkLoopAuto example project which is available with the FX3 SDK.

This example shows you how to handle SET_FEATURE and CLEAR_FEATURE requests (in CyFxBulkLpApplnUSBSetupCB function).


Sai Krishna.

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The set_feature and clear_feature requests are handled in the FX3 SDK.

I am not sure about the get_status though.

If you require some detailed info on how these requests are handled internally, please create a Technical Support case on our website and we will assist you the best we can.




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Cypress has promised to release FX3 Firmware API sources in next SDK release. So, the releasing of SDK 1.3 should solve your problem. Welcome to the club  Release of SDK1.3?. FYI, SDK pre-release, mentioned in referred thread, does not include sources. Hopefully the official release will.




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