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cyusb_linux with qt5 and ubuntu 14.04 | Cypress Semiconductor

cyusb_linux with qt5 and ubuntu 14.04

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 Dear All,

I am new to linux world and need to do a project in ubuntu 14.04.

I wonder if anyone has successfully coompiled and test cyusb_linux with qt5 in ubuntu.  I followed the instructions at QT website to migrate cyusb_linux from Qt4 to Qt5, mainly changes in header files.  The compilation was smooth, but when I tested it with DVK board, no success.

When the board was powered on, I was able to see the device in cyusb_linux.  However, no command can be executed.  For example, the firmware can handle vendor request 0xB0 to get device ID.  When I sent the request, nothing is returned.  Using the same firmware, I was able to get the device ID on windows machine using CyConsole.

I created case with technical support and was suggested using Qt4, which is not my case.

Thanks for advices from anyone in advance.


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As of now we have tested QT4.7 version with Cyusb, as it has been tested to work fine, with cyusb.

The higher versions are not recommended to use, as the migraton is yet to take place.


- Madhu Sudhan

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Thanks for the reply. I got similar answer from technical support. That's why I turned to this forum to look for more aggressive answer/experience from other users. Hopefully someone will be able to help or share his/her experience.

I also plan to look into the source code by myself after I finished the current project.


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