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cyusbfx1_fx2lp Window 32 bit driver | Cypress Semiconductor

cyusbfx1_fx2lp Window 32 bit driver

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 Hi  guys.

I am using PSoC® 5LP: CY8C5858AXI-LP032 chip on my Circuit board which communates with my C# program through cyusb.dll

The usb driver is named cyusbfx1_fx2lp which is for Window 64 bit.

It is working great on my Window 64 bit machine.

Recently ,When i try to use it on a Widnows 32 bit machine and install the USB driver for the board,  it gives me a error saying "Driver is not intended for this platform".

So, I was wondering if there is a euqvalent driver for Windows 32 bit machine that support the cysub.

I could not find it through Google, I will approcate if anyone can share it with me.

Thanks ahead,




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Cypress Employee
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 Hi Eddy,

   here is link to the driver.



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