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CyUsb 'daughter' drivers WHQL certfication | Cypress Semiconductor

CyUsb 'daughter' drivers WHQL certfication

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In states directly that "the parameters of the device are obtained through inf file", and this is the only file which customer modifies for his/her own driver.

In this case, "Reseller" and "Driver Update Acceptable" WHQL sumission can be made instead of full driver test to obtain the signature (which is much easier and cheapper than the way, suggested in AN52970). Many companies just grant "Reseller Rights" for their customers in such situation, as an example - FTDI (

So my question: Is Cypress providing or going to provede granting of the "Reseller Rights" for their customers?

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Can sombody from Cypress clarify the "Resellers Rights" issue? I.e. if the only modifications are to the INF file, is it possible to get WHQL certification without performing the entire suite of testing?

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Private Label Resell Rights

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Can someone from Cypress please address this question?  What, exactly, is needed in order to ship a driver that will install (with or without warnings) on 64-bit Vista/Win7?

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In the DTM Global policy document explains the policies with regards to WHQL submissions.

In page 24 which talks about Reseller submission policy, quoting point 5

" The reseller company cannot change the hardware or software when relabeling or repackaging the product." i.e. by reseller it is assumed that the hardware is not changing. Which is not the case here. Also WLK 1.4 and above is running USBCV tests based on the OS being tested for. So the test can fail even because of non-handling of certain standard USB requests.

Since the hardware used is not the same, Reseller is not applicable in this case.



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