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I'm having problems with the screamer application on the CY3684 development board. In essence, downloading it caused the board not to enumerate. Has anyone else had this problem?

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 I met the same problem. I have download and install these software:


2. cy3684_ez_usb_fx2lp_development_kit_15

First I  remove the EEPROM, then i connect the USB Board to the PC . The PC  enum and find the device:XXXX missing EEPROM . I open the Cypress control pannel, download the firmware to the device, then Cypress control pannel cann't find the Device.If  I  burn the firmware into the EEPROM , I connect the USB board to PC. PC will let me install the driver,I choose auto install , PC will give me a message : can't find driver.

Please HELP!

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If the error code returned is code 10 then the issue is quite possibly due to the number of isochronous endpoint present. If the host doesn't have enough periodic bandwidth i.e. presence of other USB devices with interrupt and isochronous endpoints then it will not let the new device enumerate successfully since it doesn't have enough bandwidth to offer the device.


Auto-binding of the driver to the VID/PID works only if you have appropriate inf file and driver file in corresponding windows system folder. You'll have to modify the inf file with corresponding VID/PID and point the driver file when the OS asks for driver.

Refer for details on editing inf file for cyusb.sys.



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I had same problem with CyStreamer example too.

There are several threads about these errors:
Problem while installing CYStream application
Problem with CY7C68013A - driver CyUSB.sys and CYStream
Beginner's problem

Here they are:
the error is shown as the device cannot start (code 10)
the attributes known that the PID is wrong (1003 instead of 8613).
Cypress control pannel cann't find the Device

I found the solution (thx to Konst_777), there is error in source code of Streamer firmware. The correct version could be downloaded from .

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 I have encountered  the error :"the device cannot start (code 10)",can U help me?

   In your reply,you referred this:

"I found the solution (thx to Konst_777), there is error in source code of Streamer firmware. The correct version could be downloaded from ."

But "CYStream_FW.7z "is not exist,can you update it ?


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Same problem.

Modifing VID/PID in .inf file doesn't work out the problem at all.



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 Hi Chouc,


Does your board work fine with a different firmware (like Bulkloop) ? Is it not working just with the Screamer firmware? After downloading the Screamer firmware, please check the VID/PID being shown in the Device Manager. Please ensure it is the same as that provided in the firmware (in dscr.a51).






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Hello everybody!

Again about CYstreamer example. BulkLoop works fine, but Streamer gives that well known  (Error Code 10) whatever I did.  

After long useless trying and googling, after one week playing with VIDs and PIDs , finally it works for me:


I found the solution (thx to Konst_777), there is error in source code of Streamer firmware. The correct version could be downloaded from 

Both hex and iic from this source are working without any troubles on a NAKED Cypress chip (without any external chips).

For people who is suffering from this problem (Error Code 10) I repost the source here.

Please RENAME the file to CyStream_FW.7z  (was renamed to zip to be able to attach)

Then use 7z or WinRAR to extract.

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thankss.. working fine on my board.

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Thanks! Thats fantastic. I'm suprised Cypress still hasn't fixed this bug after 3 years.

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 This is a great solution for the problem with stream example (error code 10)! It works fine witn my chinees EVB. Thanks a lot! 

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