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Cypress and Smartphones

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     Hi every body,

I have a board using Cypress for Communication control, and I need to know if there is a possibility to

make it communicate with a smartPhone. I have tried to find out,  but it seems like i don't find any

Drivers of CyUSB for ANDROID or Windows phone.

  If you can please Help me.

Thank you.

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It would be of interest WHICH cypress chip you have got on your board. Remember, you can only communicate with a smartphone as an USB-Master.



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Bob is right. Using a host is the best bet. Maybe FX3.


But I'll also add that newer Android devices come with a host and if you run Android 3.1 or newer, you can use the host APIs to talk to the device. See This means that your chip can be a USB device/slave (PSoC maybe? FX2LP/FX3 can work too)

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 I have firmware devoped for the FX3 that can succesfully talk to both Android and iOS phones/tables.

It's pretty easy on Android.  It's libusb compatible and you don't have to do much besides develop your application.  I suppose you could use pretty much any usb solution.

For iOS you have to authenticate with the devide which requires an authentication coprocessor that you get from Apple through the MFi program.  This pretty much means you're going to have to spin a board before you can begin development.  After that the protocol for authenticating isn't terrible but you do need a cabable enough chip to do it.  The FX2 might be able to do it.  The FX3 was easily able to get through the process.

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 Hi dennissjm, we are interested in your solution. Do you mind sharing the source code for the MFI authentication process, or any other Apple-related resources. Please do email me at: We would appreciate a speedy reply, thank you.  

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 Hi dennisjim,


I have FX3 DVK board, I need to talk to Android from FX3. How to proceed and work on it. Plese let me know,



Gokul Prasath N

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 All the apple MFi material is under NDA by Apple.  I'm afraid the sources I've developed is not open at this point in time.

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