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CyAPI.lib for C++ Builder 2010 | Cypress Semiconductor

CyAPI.lib for C++ Builder 2010

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I have a project using CyAPI.lib in C++ Builder 6. Now i want to upgrade it to C++ Builder 2010.But the library CyAPI.lib available in C++ Builder 6 does not work in C++ Builder 2010.The simple code "CCyUSBDevice* USBDevice=new CCyUSBDevice()" generates error like "access violation".Is there a library available for C++ Builder 2010 ? Or is there any other way to solve this situation ?

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 Did you try the latest CyAPI.lib from the cypress website?




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Did you mean Visual studio 2010? I doubt if the Cy libraries have been tested for C++ builder/ borland C++. As nikhil said, please test it using the latest Cy libraries that comes with Superspeed USB suite (




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