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CY7C68013A locks up stops outputting USB data | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C68013A locks up stops outputting USB data

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We are using the CY7C68013A in a 16 bit slave, write-only mode with the 4 FIFO's concatenated.

Every 2ms data is loaded into the 680 by a DSP with a FrameEnd pulse to trigger the USB.

Normally, in  a noise free environment, the system runs error free.  However when an RF plasma

cauterizing knife is operated in the vicinity of the 680, the USB the USB locks up and stops outputting data.

DSP and other peripherals continue operating properly. The 680's oscillator and ClockOut are still running.

680 requires hard reset to regain operation. All unused inputs are appropriately gnd'ed or tied high.

Any clues as to what might be causing the 680 to latch up?

How vulnerable is the SW loaded into the 680 at enumeration to E-filed radiated noise?

thanks in advance


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Hi Ray,

We would like to understand more about this problem and what could be causing this. we would like to understand which block could have this problem. I suggest you blink an LED in the code to find out if the 8051 core is still operating properly and if the USB state machine has stuck. 

If the USB state machine is stuck, we would like to find out more about why this could be happening which could involve analysis of many causes. Its best you create a technical support case so that we can work closely and come up with some solutions on how we can resolve this.

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