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CY7C65634 2nd port enumerating issue | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C65634 2nd port enumerating issue

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I'm working on a quick design using the CY7C65634 as a 2 port USB hub. There is no EEPROM ( POR configuration is hardwired with pull up or pull down), the main power of the chip is obtained through a external buck regulator (using the usb 5V power supply to output 3V3). There are power management on both ports with a TPS2061 chip. The 2 ports are quite similar ( one is removable, the other is not, and nearly no routing difference)

Whatever the configuration is, I am unable to access the device connected to the second port. I tried with a USB key, an USB audio device and a USB to UART converter. All three are working correctly if directly connected to a USB port on a PC runing window 7 or connected to the first port of the same chip. Nothing happen with USB key or audio device, and windows told me the USB peripheral is not working correctly with the UART adapter.

I have attached a part of the schematics for you to check 

Do not hesitate to ask for more information if needed.

Any help would be gladly appreciated !

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Looks like we had an discussion through the technical support case. 

As discussed please free to get back to us when you need further debug.

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