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CY7C65215 using SPI Master with 9-bit data width | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C65215 using SPI Master with 9-bit data width

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I have a SPI slave device that expects 9-bit values (8 data bits with an extra odd-parity bit).   I've tried setting the SPI data width to 9 bits, but I don't know how to pack the data into the sending buffer.  The only examples use 8-bit data widths, which works fine.

What is the expectation when using data widths that are not multiples of 8 bits?

Am I expected to pack the bits into the buffer?  If so, how is this different from using a data width of 8?

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Hi David,


From application side, it is same as using data width of 8. USB-serial firmware will take care of sending 9 bit data to your SPI slave. Only thing you need to do is change the data width to 9 either using USB serial Configuration Utility or using CySetSpiConfig() API.


Please create a tech support case if you need any help.




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