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CY7C65213 Non-volatile GPIO configuration with user software | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C65213 Non-volatile GPIO configuration with user software

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Hi. We are evaluatiing the use of the CY7C65213 device for a number of designs. Some will require the configuration of the GPIO pins to be non-volatile. We have confirmed that the Cypress utility can properly configure the GPIO pins to assert the desired logic levels upon applying a USB reset. However we wish to do the same with our custom s/w. It is too dangerous to empower the end customer with the Cypress utility to configure our end product.

Is there a method that can be used by our custom s/w to allow for the same non-volatile setting of this controller ? If your s/w utility can perform this task, so should we be able to do the same. This feature should have been documented to assist developers and to allow for product differentiation from your competition.

It is also not clear at this time of writing on the following API calls:

CySetGpioValue - is this volatile or non-volatile ? Assuming the API is volatile

CyGetGpioValue - returns the status of the current GPIO pin if in input mode ? When applied to GPIO pins in output mode, will this API return the configured non-volatile logic value ?

Is there a limit to the number of times the Cypress utility can reflash the GPIO mode / non-volatile logic levels ?

We plan to monitor the USB traffic to determine the flash procedure used by the Cypress utility if official support is not available from Cypress. Thanks.



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Please create a tech support case. That way your requirements can be better understood to provide better support.



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