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CY7C65213-32LTXI - Linux - Communication issue | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C65213-32LTXI - Linux - Communication issue

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I'm currently on a x86 running Debian (AMD64). We are using the CY7C65213-32LTXI to control 8 GPIOs.

We installed the the USB-Serial SDK found on your website (

We followed the different steps listed in the ReadMe to make this API running. However when we launch the "CyUSBSerialTestUtility" binary, the Cypress chip is not detected.

But the chip is known by the OS indeed the "lsusb" command tells us :

Bus 001 Device 020: ID 04b4:0003 Cypress Semiconductor Corp.

Do you have any idea why the API doesn't see it ?

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Please note that CyUSBSerialTestUtility is SPI/I2C test utility program and hence, it cannot be used for evaluating UART functionality.


You can refer to the Knowledge Base Article available in the link: for testing USB-serial bridge controller configured as USB-UART (CDC).


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