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CY7C64225 USB to UART bridge controller interfacing with MATLAB 2011b | Cypress Semiconductor

CY7C64225 USB to UART bridge controller interfacing with MATLAB 2011b

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i am using CY7C64225 USB to UART bridge controller for serial communication through MATLAB 2011b . but the conection between the two is not being established .I checked the driver is properly installed and the device works fine with hyper terminal. if i use other device USB to UART provided by PROLIFIC it works fine in MATLAB but the one provided by CYPRESS is not working properly. serial connection is established, the object is being created but as i use print statement an error appear on the screen.Its not the syntex error as I use the same code for other hardware its working fine with it, please reply soon as my project is getting delayed just because of this.


Amit Kumar

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  Which driver are you using for Cypress' device? Are you using the same driver for PROLIFIC?



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hello sir

i was using the driver provided by cypress with this device. I finally figured out the problem actually in file handling first we have to initialise the function being performed ie for reading or writing or both read-write.I did not specify this in MATLAB code rest all USB to serial cable (which i have used till now)  dosent require this initialisation they work fine. but the one provided by cypress needs to be initallised and the performance was great.

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 Hello amit,

I am also facing the same problem . My hardware setup is working fine with hyperterminal and with any modbus application. I have a reday made borland C++ application (WINACDS) and trying to communicate my setup with it but it is returning an error (The default parameters for COM2 are in errors). So can you please tell me that how can i resolve this issue without making any changes in the code of application.


Hemangini Jain

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Hallo Amit, I do have similar problem withe the usb 2 uart controller and MATLAB 2013b. I get an uexpected error when attempt to use the fprintf function to send a message to the device. Could yoe explein what do you mean by the function initialisation.

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