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CX3 Driver is not working but Installed Correctly

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 I am using econ (CX3) Board. Its product id is 2560 and Vendor id is D051 (I get these Id by using hardware Id details in Device driver window). My OS is windows 7 (64 bit). When i plug in CX3 Board defaultly Namely Composite Driver is automatically installed. From that i got Hardware Id details ( By Right clicking and chosen Properties then under details tab i chosen Hardware Ids) option. 

Then i use this vendor id and product id for fill up XXXX place of cyusb.inf file (C:\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.7\Driver\bin\wlh\x64). And i atttached this modified file here. In this file i modified only XXXX text under all os section only not anything other than this. Then VID_XXXX&PID_XXXX.DeviceDesc part only.


After modification i try to force windows 7 to use this cyusb.inf instead of Composite driver. Before installing they told that , Reboot your system then press F8 key, Select the option "Disable Driver Signature


Enforcement" and Press enter". I did this too. 


Finally i installed cyusb.inf file Successfully. Then i check driver directory (C:\Windows\System32\drivers) in that cyusb.sys file is stored. Before installation it is not instead usbccgp.sys was stored for built-in driver(Composite driver)


But not this driver worked when open it in Ecam viewer Or in my application.




I didn't  know what is wrong !!!!!!!!!


Help ME!!!




Thanks &  Regards 



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The econ(CX3) Board default firmware enumerates as a UVC class device which is not supported by CyUSB.sys driver. You should bind it to the default Microsoft Driver.




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