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cx3 driver install failed

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hi ,

Today i get my cx3 develop kit and when trying to install kit driver, i get an error information as following picture.

B.T.W, i am using the FX3_SDK_Windows_v1.3.3.  it seems the device is always recognized as an econ's cx3 RDK with the system default driver usbvideo.sys. i have tried to  changing it manually, but get the error message as following.


Does anybody help me clarify this? thanks very much.



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Currently the SPI Boot option has been enabled on your board. So the default video firmware is getting loaded once you connect your Kit which always binds to the video driver shown in your pictures. To manually bind the Cypress driver you need to change it to USB Boot.

Please refer the Kit's manual on how to change the switches on the Kit for USB boot. Once changing it, reconnect the kit to the PC. Now you should be able to manually bind the cypress driver.


- Madhu Sudhan

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