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Customize AN75779 for SXGA 60fps | Cypress Semiconductor

Customize AN75779 for SXGA 60fps

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I'm going to use AN75779 Version *B on our environment for following system, 

  Sensor Size: SXGA(1280 x 1024)
  Sensor frame rate: 60 fps

  [GPIF II Setting] 

How do I have to customize AN75779 source code ? 

When I use AN75779 with no customize, following error has been displayed. 
  CyU3PDmaMultiChannelCommitBuffer() ---> Err71 

If enabling flag BACKFLOW_DETECT, 
"Backflow detected" message was displayed on terminal output, and "cbArg" are 0x1005 and 0x1006 by turns. 

I think that I could customize GPIF II setting for 16bit mode. 
We'd like to know how to customize for Sensor size and frame rate settings. 

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