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Copy program hex data from old IC and paset to new one. | Cypress Semiconductor

Copy program hex data from old IC and paset to new one.

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Hi there. Our company have a industrial machine in our product line.

At some day, machine didn't work.... Unfortunately, manufacturer and supplier of this machine had stopped their business.

Thus, We have to fix this machine by ourselves.........


By the way, I found out that the USB controller(Cypress AN2131QC) had got damaged.

Our company have other same machine. It work well...


I must fix this machine. I can buy a new AN2131QC IC from domestic dealer of Cypress.

But I'm not a programmer as well as cannot get program source and hex data in any ways.

In my thought, If possible,  Readout hex data from AN2131QC in the good machine via USB port. and paste this hex data to AN2131QC replaced by me in the bad machine, I expect machine would be fixed..


Please advise me how to copy and paste hex data..


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AN2131 boots from an I2C EEPROM where the firmware (hex bytes) is present.

You can try to read the contents from the EEPROM on a working machine and duplicate it onto the EEPROM of the non-working machine.

You will need to use an external programmer for this; we do not have any utilities for this.


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