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Control center failure to program SPI flash | Cypress Semiconductor

Control center failure to program SPI flash

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Here's an odd one I encountered today -

I have a .img file that won't program to flash from control center with the FX3 DVK.  I can program any other image I can scrape up off my machine, but not this file.  I attempt to Program->FX3->SPI Flash, and it returns with a programming failed message.  The file is only ~160kB, and I would have thought that as long as it fits, the contents would be irrelevant to the writer, but this does not seem to be the case. 

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The contents are actually relavant and important in this case.

Please open the IMG file in a Hex Editor (or some hex viewer) and ensure that the contents are in accordance with the Table 14 of the AppNote "FX3 Boot Options". The Table 14 has details on the Boot Image Format.

AppNote Link:


- Madhu Sudhan



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Ok, good to know.  I will check, although if something is wrong, it will be in the toolchain since the project compiled successfully without warning and I did not change the contents of the binary image.

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Hi Cletus,


Whats the size of the SPI Flash you are using ?

Please see the page no"153" in the "Fx3 Programmers Manual.pdf" on "Section 11.1" the binary image format is explained.

Open the Release Binary in Hex editor & check whether that mathces you SPI Flash.

If not  change that according to your case & save it.

Letme know if this helps.




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