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Compile error of Image sensor project in AN75779 | Cypress Semiconductor

Compile error of Image sensor project in AN75779

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when I compile Image sensor project in AN75779  with SDK 1.2.
I get some error from the linker.And after I try the method found
in the following web.
There is still a mistake.
make: *** [cyfxuvc.elf] Error 1 USBVideoClass
how to solve it?

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Could you please attach the snapshot of your "console" window (of Eclipse project) where it displays the reason for failure.


sai krishna.

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I can't access the Tech Support website to start a case so I thought I'd bump this thread to see if I get a response. I bought the development FX3 kit and installed the 1.3 SDK. I downloaded the UVC example and tried to compile but keep getting a "type cast error"? Attached is a screen shot. Can anyone help me? Thanks, Davey

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