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compilation issue

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I am using fx3s based device. My intended data flow is from GPIF slave fifo to sd Card. GPIF is connected to FPGA. I am modifying slavefifo example and using sd card insted of USB in that example. Issue is that when i enter  CyU3PSibStart(). it gives me error for undeclared refenrce for CyU3PSibStart(). I have included cyus3sib.h in both ways (#include <cyu3sib.h> and #include "cyu3sib.h"). Also I was wondering that why in slavefifo application all header files are included as local header files i.e. #include "cyu3gpio.h".(They should be included as compiler libraries #include <cyu3gpio.h>).
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In addition to adding the header file, please do the following;

In project ->properties -> C/C++ Build -> Settings -> Cross ARM C Linker -> Libraries, please add cyu3sport.a file also.

(Refer the attached image)


- Madhu Sudhan

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