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The choice of BULK transmission Interrupt transmission or others | Cypress Semiconductor

The choice of BULK transmission Interrupt transmission or others

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  I want to use the chip of CY7C68013a-56pvc to communicate between DSP(F2812) and the VC software. This system is used to control four stepper motor.

Now, about transmission apsect, I use the model of  bulk transmission ,and I have successfully transmit the data about stepper motor to DSP. 

The problem is now I want to control the stepper motor on real time. For example ,to suspend the motor everytime and then the next time the motor can  run from the state of stopping at last time . So about the communication ,it should have a funcation of memory the place about the data transmission.

I have two scheme, the one is using BULK transmission and at same time add flag bit in the data, but  I don't know whether it can be working.

The other choice is using Interrupt transmission. 

Because I am a newer to this, and I know BULK transmission well. so I tend to use the first one scheme. but I am not sure it can work;

So ,help me, whether it can work or other solutions.

I come from China, QQ 280545981. We can communicate about it. Thanks!!!

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Hi ,

Save the data in other buffers of FX2LP. if you are using the EP2 for data transmission then use EP4or6 or8. In case if the data is 1 small, then use some vairable in the FX2LP to save the data.

Even you can store it in the host application also



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