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Can not read data from Cy7c68013A | Cypress Semiconductor

Can not read data from Cy7c68013A

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1, Need I call usb_control_msg() API before calling USB_BULK_READ()?
I did but return value is -116 and code is like below:
usb_control_msg(current_handle, USB_TYPE_VENDOR | USB_RECIP_INTERFACE | USB_ENDPOINT_IN,
buffer, 512, 1000);
2, I call API usb_bulk_read like below:usb_bulk_read(current_handle, 0x81, (char*)buffer, 512, 1000); but return value is -22. Why? And how to fix this?

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It is basically complaining about the parameters that we are passing to it.

Error -22 is for invalid parameters.

Can you please attach the source file so that I can find what is going wrong.

Otherwise, you can refer to the source files that are in the following folder after FX3 SDK for Linux is installed:


I am also attaching the source file that does read data from a BULK endpoint here.



Sai Krishna.


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Thanks Sai.
One questin based on the file you attached.
What's the purpose of calling API r = cyusb_kernel_driver_active(h1, 0);? Must it be called.


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