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black view using FX3 connect with HD camera | Cypress Semiconductor

black view using FX3 connect with HD camera

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A USB3.0 HD camera device is implemented with FX3. It is shown in the device manager of win7 with name FX3 when it's connected to My windows7 machine that support USB2.0 only. I try to display the video with Amcap but it's a black view. The Amcap shows picture resolution is 640x480 with 15fps that is not correct. When it's connected to a USB2.0 port of the other machine that it supports USB3.0, we can see video with Amcap. Checking device manager is same. Could any one give me an answer what problem causes the machine that is only support USB2.0 display black view?

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The UVC Firmware has debug prints which could help in finding the rootcause of the problem. Please use it.

Some of the common reasons for this problem are 'Backflow' : i.e the rate at which the camera sends image data is much faster than it is accepted by the PC.


or It might be because of resolution mismact. Double check the configuration of your image senosr and Probe the FV and LV lines.


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Hi VidC,


Please check the drivers are installed properly for your device. otherwise uninstall & install the drivers once again.

Please use some USB descriptor read tool to check with the descriptors.

Check whether your device is enumerated properly.





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