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Any help? Got trouble with Spi Flash Boot mode. | Cypress Semiconductor

Any help? Got trouble with Spi Flash Boot mode.

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 Hi guys:

         I'm using the superspeed explorer kit -003  with a flash(16M) connected  to Fx3.But i got some trouble when trying to boot from Spi.    I  did  all steps under the instruction of spi boot section  in   the AN76405 EZ-USB @FX3 Boot Options,pdf.

     Of course ,the superspeed kit-003    itself doesn't support Spi Flash Boot mode because  it has no flash chip on its board. But i  just want to use another external flash chip for boot   .   Firstly, i programmed the Fx3BootAppGcc.img   down to the chip by using the  Program > FX3 > SPI FLASH  Options in Control Center .  It displays “Programming of SPI FLASH Succeeded,”    Then  i changed  the Pmode by changing the Outpin(pmode 0,1,2) to  '0 z 1' so it can boot from spi.  then just reset.

        But it just failed . So,what's wrong ?Is it possible to boot from an externl flash chip with this board?? 

        I'll be very thankful  if this post gets any reply.



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I think that board cannot be used for SPI Boot. As you know from the datasheet, the SPI and UART lines are muxed. In that Board the UART/SPI lines go to the UART to USB Converter. This load might be afftecting the data transfer between to the SPI FLash.

Though we have not yet tested SPI boot on this Board, I will consult our Apps Team and let you know.


- Madhu Sudhan

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