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about fx3 ZLP

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 Hi,problems met when i used fpga to send data to pc through fx3,

each buffer of fx3 socket was set 16kB and each pc bluk buffer set 64kB,

I sent 1kB data and a ZLP  once to fx3 ,the timing is shown in the timing.docx

I receive nothing through bus hound tool at the first time,but two packets received at the second time,one is 2kB,another is 0 B

So,i want to know :

1.when i sent once from fpga to fx3,did  the fx3 receive the ZLP? why How can i know?

2.if fx3 received ZLP,why the pc received nothing at the first time when  i sent 1kB+ZLP

3.if not,why the pc received 0 length packet at the second time when i sent 1kB+ZLP

4.when and how to use ZLP?




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 add the timing diagram -tu.png

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 Please follow the thread in this link: http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=167&rID=85872

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