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About Driving my own USB Device | Cypress Semiconductor

About Driving my own USB Device

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Dear All

At first, I will describe my situation, I have one USB device made by my classmate. The USB  device was made by using CyPress Chip. I have tried several times to drive the device, but I failed. Now I will write my constructing step as follows, please give me some advice if there is any error.

1. Creating a script file from the HEX file 

2. Building an inf file, according to the VID and PID of the USB device and a script file.

3. put  the inf file, script file and CyUSB.sys in the same directory

4. updating the device driver 

I want to know if the step is right? And I have several questions.

1. Does the HEX file means firmware? I have to obtain it by whom writing firmware.

2. what is script file? If it is necessary for me to produce the driver

Sorry that I am new at making USB driver and thanks for your advice 


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