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256KB FX3 Renumeration Issues | Cypress Semiconductor

256KB FX3 Renumeration Issues

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We have done our initial FX3 firmware development on the FX3 dev board and have our custom firmware works fine on the dev board. We can load it over USB and it will renumerate correctly.

We recently got back our custom designed hardware, and it uses the 256KB FX3. When we try load the same custom firmware over USB, however, it will not renumerate. The same firmware renumerates fine on the dev board.

Could this be related to the RAM size differences? Do we need to adjust parameters somewhere to set memory locations/bounds correctly? I can't find any documentation stating how to deal with the 256KB part.




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Yes. It is beacause of RAM difference.

As of now there is no document explaining the changes required in firmware for 256K RAM FX3 chip. But we are working on it. It will soon be made available.

Please create a tech support case. One of our engineers will guide you through the required changes in the linker script for 256KB RAM part.



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