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Where to find drivers to update 67300 eeprom using qtui2c in Windows 7? | Cypress Semiconductor

Where to find drivers to update 67300 eeprom using qtui2c in Windows 7?

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 Hi All :

    Using drivers in Develop Kit CY3663, it is OK to update 67300 eeprom in Win XP by using qtui2c,

    But it is fail to update in Windiws7.

    Where to find correct drivers to update 67300 eeprom using qtui2c in Windows 7?

    Best regards.

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I assume you're using 32 bit machine. Please confirm.

What is the error behavior being seen i.e. error codes, error messages?



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 Hi aasi :

    It failed in installing driver after win7 finds a new device and request to install drivers.

    I test in Windows7 32bit version, It is OK. But it is fail in Windows7 64bit.

    I need drivers of qtui2c for Windows7 64bits.


    Best regards.


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    Please check EZHOST entry in Mycomputer Environment Variables. Please do the following

  1. Right click on Mycomputer.

  2. Click on Advanced

  3. click on Environment Variable

  4 Check EZHOST entry in System Variable list

If its no there please add variable name as EZHOSTINSTALLDIR and path(in my case path is C:\Cypress\USB\OTG-Host )



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 Hi, I'm having the same problem. I'm currently using and forcing the cyusb.sys driver on Windows 7 x64.

I matched the device driver's PID and VID to my CY7C67300's PID and VID. I connected my Xilinx Virtex 5 ML507 board to my PC and it detects it as "Cypress USB Generic Driver (

I want to use the CY3663 dev't kit to update the firmware of the FPGA's USB controller to the de2_app to configure my board as a peripheral. Upon using the qtui2c in the bash environment in the dev't kit, an error shows, "USB device not found". 

I've checked the environment variables too, it has EZHOSTINSTALLDIR.

What should I do to get the de2_app working on my FPGA? Thanks in advance.

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hai i am using cy7c67300 controller.i don't have bootload code.please give me suggestion how to write boot code and how to build in EEPROM 24c512.

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