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Viewing Debug messages from endpoint | Cypress Semiconductor

Viewing Debug messages from endpoint

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I am on the FX3 and I am using the USBdebug application on my device.  I am unsure how to capture these packets on the host.  The FX3 reenumerates as bulkloopexample in the control center.  I would think there would be a way of capturing in the control center but I am not sure how.  I am basically trying write a program that can output debug messages so I know where I am in code but I am unsure how to view them on the endpoint.

 I also see some documents concerning c++ and C# files about an API.  Is this also a good place to look?

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You can use UART for debugging. You can use " CyU3PDebugPrint" in the FW to print debugg messages. Then 

connect the UART cable between your DVK and PC, configure Hyperterminal as below:


Baudrete : 115200







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I am able to view the debug messages over the uart on the DVK but I am also working on another board where I do not have the pins broken out to do this.  I only have access to the usbport

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Hi, powelton! Do you solve you problem? I want use the same way...

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